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Chancing Changes Due to Affirmative Action Ruling

Because the Supreme Court struck down race-conscious admissions on June 29th, we recently updated our chancing algorithm so that the impact of your ethnicity is greatly reduced. As a result, your chances may have changed overnight, and many students of color will see a large drop in their chances.

As a reminder, to optimize your chances despite this change, we recommend that you add more safety schools to your list, consider applying test-optional, and ask your counselor to provide contextual information in your rec letter. We also recommend that you connect with colleges individually using our platform: https://collegevine.com/network/connections/requests

For more info on how to maximize your chances as a student of color, read our blog post: https://blog.collegevine.com/end-of-affirmative-action/

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9 months ago

While I understand the updates to the chancing models, I was surprised to see chancing numbers change for several universities in states that previously outlawed affirmative action in college admissions on the state level- Michigan, Florida, Oklahoma, California, etc.

Because of those previous state level restrictions, the recent US Supreme Court decision should have had little to no impact on university admissions in those states, yet CollegeVine still changed the chancing numbers. Can you explain?

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Thanks for your question! Prior to the Supreme Court decision, our model wasn't originally accounting for the impact of Affirmative Action being outlawed in certain states, other than California. So, now the model is updated and it's correctly accounting for Affirmative Action laws in all states. You should expect to see your chances change at essentially all schools on your list because of this model update.


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