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Recent Changes to Google Settings for Third-Party Apps like CollegeVine

ACTION REQUIRED: Update CollegeVine App Settings in Google Admin by October 23, 2023

For enhanced student data protection, Google is set to limit access for users under 18 to third-party apps like CollegeVine. To ensure uninterrupted service and circumvent any potential disruptions to the app for students and parents, please have your institution’s IT department mark CollegeVine as trusted in the Google Admin Console by the deadline.

For District Administrators

Need guidance? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help institutional admins whitelist CollegeVine.

Setting CollegeVine as a Trusted Third-Party App:

1. Go to Google’s guided experience page (Reminder: Only Google Admins can access this.)

2. Select ‘Continue’ to proceed to “Confirm settings for unconfigured third-party apps.”

3. Review app settings under the “Access” column if “Don’t allow users to access any third-party apps” (default) is chosen.

4. Choose ‘Add app’, then input “CollegeVine” in the “OAuth App Name” or enter our Client ID .

5. Ensure CollegeVine’s status is set to ‘Trusted’. Once reviewed, click ‘Confirm’.

Important Note: By default, Google may categorize users as under 18. Double-check that your institutional admin account is listed as 18 or older.

For District Students

For users under 18, you may see an Access Blocked message when attempting to sign into CollegeVine with Google SSO. You’ll have the ability to request access to your district administrators directly on this message. To do this:

1. Select the request access link found in the Access Blocked message shown on your screen

2. The request is then logged into the admin’s console pending review and they’ll need to mark CollegeVine as Trusted before you can log in using Google SSO.

Accessing your CollegeVine account using a Username/Password instead of Google SSO:

1. Enter the CollegeVine account associated with the Google Sign-in

2. When you reach the email and password screen, only enter your email and do not include a password

3. Click Forgot Password to get a password reset link sent to that email

4. Find the email in your inbox and select the link to reset the password

5. Log in using your email and password for the account

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my name is rayneisha bedford and i want to come to georgia state when i graduate

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my name is rayneisha bedford and i want to come to georgia state when i graduate

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