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I was updating the school list I maintain on collegevine and when managing my columns I say that multiple schools that are highly regarded had an abysmal 4 year grad rate. Utah UNT had below 30%. Wichita and UT Arlington barely had 20%. This seems incredibly inaccurate. Especially as these school donthave famous co-op program that extends college.

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I just googled it, it looks like somewhere around 29% for 4 years for UNT, while 30% for UT Arlington. So it looks like CV is right here. A low % doesnt mean they dropped out, it could just mean many of them continue to take extra courses or stretch it out over longer periods of time. Hope that helps!



a month ago

Probobly just a scam to get you to read. These are pretty good schools, make sure you are double checking sources, looking on google or even one certain website may not be accurate. Please accept answer if this helps!


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