3 months ago
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Include Awards/Honors in the Chancing Engine?

I couldn't find a place to include my awards/honors on the College Vine's Chancing Engine. Maybe CollegeVine can add a separate section to include those (like the Extracurriculars) in tiers?

{Just a small suggestion. I hope you all don't mind}


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3 months ago

Hey @unior! Thanks for reaching out about this, we appreciate your feedback and perspective. We certainly understand the importance of including awards and honors into your profile and we're working to identify the best way to include this on our site.

Another user has shared our current workaround on this, but we hope to create a space for students to best showcase their awards in the future!

3 months ago[edited]

You can add honors in academics section in your profile. They’re with AB/IB, and College courses.

And awards, you can choose “Non-Art Competitions" in ECs. I think it’s the best place to put it.


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