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Harvard prospective students

im finishing 8th grade and wanna get into Harvard

Hi so im going into 9th grade rn and I wanna get into Harvard. There are probably people here who have done it before and I was wondering what all you did to get in. Also can someone explain to me what I can do for financial aid as my dad makes like 40k dollars a year. Am from Asia btw

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@Aaditya_Singh I just want to add on to some of the good advice you got below. Building a strong extracurricular resume (having an "extracurricular spike"), getting perfect grades, and earning perfect or near perfect scores on standardized tests are good ways to make sure you have a shot at Harvard. I believe these things along with some very focused essays were what helped me get into Harvard.

In terms of scholarship money, Harvard is one of the very few schools in the U.S. that provides full-need-met, no-loan need-based financial aid to all students! So long as you are accepted, Harvard will do its best to ensure that you and your family can afford the cost of attendance (including not just tuition, but also room & board and even travel and miscellaneous expenses), no matter what country you come from and what high school you attended.

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Hey! I'm so glad that you're already starting to think about college so early on in the game!

Definitely focus on building up your extracurriculars. Think about what you might want to major in, and start finding activities that align with that major. For example, if you want to major in biology on a pre-med track, look for organizations that volunteer in hospitals. Colleges also love applicants with leadership skills, so start a club at your school or gain a leadership position in a preexisting club! Overall, they want to see initiative, passion, and leadership.

Also work on keeping up your grades and trying your best on standardized tests. Take the most challenging courses available to you, and don't be scared to try new subjects!

In terms of financial aid as an international student, that can be really tough. Top universities like Harvard have great resources for low-income students and will give full rides to low-income students who live in the United States, but they don't tend to give full rides to international students. Keep working towards strengthening your Harvard application for now, and look more for sources of funding in the next few years.

9 months ago

Thanks @EliasMiller and @katyazag u both were really helpful and I think I know how to go forward.


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