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Harvard prospective students

Is harvard even worth applying to or is it a long shot?

I am an international student with a 3.86 GPA and going for at least a 1450 on the SATs. I am taking 2 APs in my junior year, and am planning to take 4 or more next year. I am part of the national honor society and am leader of various projects and have leadership positions in 2 clubs. I am planning on getting more leadership positions next year, and I signed up for online tutoring for Interns-4-Good. As well I am planning on doing volunteering as soon as I turn 16.


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29 days ago

Applying to Harvard is a long shot for just about anyone. That said, if you're interested in attending, it's definitely worth it to send in an application! With a 1450 you're only just below Harvard's 25th percentile of accepted SAT scores (I believe this was a 1460 last year). This means that you're in range, and you should definitely send in that score if it's your best one. Additionally, since you're only a junior, you have plenty of time to retake the exam and try to get a 1500 or above!). A 3.86 is also towards the lower end of accepted GPAs, but definitely in range as well. What's more, you still have time to raise your GPA a bit - if you get all As this year, for example, you'll have an even better chance. It seems you have a pretty strong extracurricular resume, and this should help you as well.

Of course, if you want a detailed estimate of your chance of acceptance at Harvard, you should use our chancing engine! You can do this by filling out your profile here and then navigating over to the "School Explorer" and "Chancing Profile" tabs under "Apps." In short, so long as you keep up or improve your grades and keep building your extracurricular resume, you should have some chance at an acceptance.

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Your chances are very small but that's in general. I suggest applying for Harvard anyway but also apply for many other safety reach and other. Take the shot because the worst that would happen is you do not get in. You will not be a failure or other so keep doing what you are doing but try to increase your ap course load.

Tips for volunteering-

Try 100 hours per year on the same service project because doing random stuff will not show devotion and commitment. Find something your passionate about or what you want to major in and find a organization for it.


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