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How important is GPA going to be this fall?

hello!! Basically, this year, my school employed a rolling gradebook. normally, they help keep grades up, but towards the beginning of the school year, I was unable to keep up with work due to mental health/family issues, etc. This led to most of my classes in my first semester to have pretty poor grades. After working my butt off, I was able to bring them up to a decent grade- except for my calculus class. It's bringing my GPA down quite a bit, and my other meh grades aren't really helping. Even if I do end up taking it P/F I'm afraid my GPA won't be up to par for some of my reach schools. Currently I have a 3.6 unweighted and 4.0 weighted (kind of yikes, I know), but how important do you all really think GPA is going to be? I know test optional is a thing now, so are they going to pay more attention to it? Will they be more lax, especially because of online school? Or will I have to add in additional info explaining my GPA- potentially scaring off some schools?

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Many schools will remain test optional in the coming admissions cycle, meaning additional emphasis may be placed on the other parts of your application (especially the academic indicators like GPA). However, if you have the opportunity to send in test scores, these will still be considered and in your case may be pretty helpful in serving as an external indicator of your academic strength. That said, if this time period shows a marked departure in your performance from what you are normally putting out, it may be worth explaining in the additional info section. If you end up going this route (which is totally fine and shouldn't be scary!), be sure to approach it in a specific way: mention why your academic performance saw a dip, but do not wallow on the problems and the negative emotion or events associated with these issues. Instead, describe the problem enough to give the reader a sense of the magnitude and why it affected you, and then spend most of the space demonstrating what you did to rectify the situation and what you achieved as a result. End on the lessons you've learned and how they will help you manage stressors in college; showing the growth arc and the future-facing attitude is the most important part here. It sounds like you have plenty of that, so don't stress yourself out too much! Keep working to raise those grades and show a strong senior year performance, and you'll be able to show that this dip was a fluke caused by external circumstances. Best of luck to you!

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thank you so much :D this really helped i feel much better ahaha


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