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Letters of recommendation

I know most schools require a letter of recommendation from at least 2 teachers but I have about 6 teachers I wanna ask now for a letter in the fall. I moved schools mid-year and became remote so all the teachers I'm going to ask are from there. Do I need to finish my resume on Naviance before I even email them about the topic of recommendations or I can just straight-up email them? Can I also request all 6 of them using the brag sheet and choose during the fall which ones I want to use? Also any tips on how to approach them to get a strong rec letter.

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I just graduated this year and would recommend you finish the resume first. Make sure you email the teachers you want to write your recommendations before you send them the request through Naviance. I would only choose the two that you had the strongest relationships with. Any more than 2 rec letters and most colleges won't even read them, so it's important to get rec letters from teachers you're sure will write you a good one. When you email them to ask for a recommendation letter, start off the email with a nice opening (ask them how their summer is going, etc.). Then say which colleges you're planning on applying to and if they would be willing to write their rec letter. If they accept, you won't be able to see what they write so again choose 2 you had the best relationship with and had a good grade in their class.

If you dont want to read all that - pick 2 teachers you had the strongest bond with and performed well in their class. Email them before you send them the request for an official recommendation letter to make sure they are willing to do it.


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