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Honor Societies

Hello all! I have a question, do colleges care about honor societies?


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Kinda, colleges care more about what you do in the societies than being a member. Being in an honors society is pretty cool, however, just being a member does not tell colleges much about yourself. They are a bit more interested in things that happen within a honors society, such as competitions, leadership, tutoring, and sometimes volunteering/community service. So it's less about showing that you are above average in a field and more about showing "your character".

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Hi there,

Colleges care about honors societies in the sense that the societies are a vehicle through which you can have some pretty big accomplishments. For instance, if your honor society has members-only service projects, or special courses, these can all be fundamental to cultivating a strong extracurricular spike.

Honor societies are also a great way to gain leadership experience - if you join the board or even become president, the decisions you make can lead to a greater impact at your school and community.

However, just being a part of an honor society and not being an active member isn't going to hold much weight in the admissions process. While it certainly won't detract from your application, you run the risk of looking like someone who joins but does not participate in activities. Colleges want to see active changemakers and people who will be involved in their student community.

Hope this helps!


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