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What APs would be best to take in 12th grade

Hi I am an international student in grade 11, and I am currently taking AP Human Geo and APUSH. Next year I will for sure take both AP English Lit and AP calc AB as those are my options for the year, but what other APs should i take? I am interested in studying psychology in university. The APs my school offers are AP psychology, AP comp. gov., most likely AP world history, AP biology and AP spanish. Those would be the ones I am able to do.


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2 months ago

Hi @juliagamryd!

If you are interested in studying psychology in college, definitely try to take AP Psychology to get some exposure to the field. The rest of the APs you choose to take should be based on your interest because I don’t think one is going to look more impressive than another. If you want to demonstrate to colleges your interest and strengths in the humanities discipline, you could take AP Comparative Government or AP World History. Or you could take AP Spanish if you want to show colleges that you are challenging yourself by taking a higher level language class.

Also, most colleges will have requirements on how many classes students must take in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines in order to graduate. Since you are interested in pursuing a Psychology major, you will have to take a couple of classes in the natural sciences to meet the graduation requirement. If you do not want to take any natural sciences classes in college, you could come in with AP credit to avoid them, so taking AP Biology could potentially help you with that.

Hope that helps!


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