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SAT scores

I have my SAT in December but I am no where near my target score of 1450+. In my mock tests, I score an average of 1350. Is there a way I can bump up my average by 100 points in 15 days? Or should I start thinking about test optional universities? I have very few silly mistakes or bubbling errors, but still have a many conceptual errors. How can I tackle this problem?

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Hi @Talinb,

@dev8 gave some great advice here! To add, I'd research SAT strategies to help boost your conceptual understanding of the test. We have an entire blog section (here) dedicated to the SAT, from individual subjects to overall tips and tricks. Hope this helps!

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Hi! Here are some tips that helped me go from a 1210 (practice test) to a 1520!

1. Take many practice tests and review your answers after taking it

2. Develop concrete pacing strategies for each section (ex. 10 minutes for each reading passage, use extra 15 to go back to the worst passage) - (Pacing strategies work differently for everyone)

3. Familiarize yourself with the different question types and learn the signs of bad answers

4. Be familiar with your calculator's functions, and remember different circle and right triangle formulas

5. Lastly, think of a target score (ex. 1540), this dosen't work for everyone, but I was more motivated to get close to that target score.

These don't work for everyone, but helped me improve by 310 points!


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