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What will colleges think of my different extracurriculars and interests?

Hi! I'm currently a high school junior and I'm having a hard time figuring out if my different extracurriculars and interests will benefit me in the admissions process or not.

For reference, I want to be a pre-med major and would like to attend a top school.

I have always been involved in activities, especially at school, but I realized that my two main interests are very different from each other. On one hand, I am involved in a bunch of medical/health-related activities and clubs (volunteering at a hospital, AMP club, mental health awareness, etc.) while on the other hand, I am a part of a lot of theater-related activities (musical theater, improv, drama club officer, stage crew).

Would colleges appreciate these two activities?

I also found that I'm spending more time doing theater-related activities than health-related activities. Is that bad? Theater is usually pretty time-consuming, but I don't know if I should be investing more time into health-related activities.

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Yes, colleges will appreciate both. :) Rather than cutting back on theater, your large passion, it would be better to describe what you have learned from theater that could help you in being a doctor (e.g. empathy, communication skills, cooperation). Also remember that schools value the quality of extracurriculars over the quantity. If you have the time, it would be better to take on a leadership role in your AMP club or achieve a tangible accomplishment with your mental health awareness than joining other similar clubs. However, if you get the chance, I think that shadowing a doctor or attaining a medicine-related internship would be valuable--but do not stop your involvement with theater to do so.


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