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What do I pick?

I am a junior. Recently, the more I've been looking at college, I feel like there are two different paths I can choose. I think law is really interesting, but I also love plants. I think I would be happier if I went to do something involving plants, but I think I could be satisfied if I had plants wherever I live in the future and could take care of them. On the other hand, I think I would love to be a civil rights attorney. I've even entertained the thought of being a Supreme Court Judge one day just so I could fix things that I think are wrong. I'm very passionate about both of these career paths but I'm still not sure about what to choose. I picture myself in a courtroom fighting for someone, but I also see myself living on a large piece of land taking care of animals and plants. I know that I have time to decide in college, and things can change but I really like both of these things. I don't know what to choose. The amount of money I make isn't super important to me as long as I can live comfortably and not paycheck to paycheck.

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Just you know you can't pick a law for bachelor's degree. It's only for graduate students and you need go to law school. That means you can pick any major (Humanities preferred) for going to law school. Also, your field of law can be in agriculture (if it becomes your major) if you are interest in both.

For me I plan to have a double major in Economics and Philosophy, then go to law school. So I prefer a career in law, but it can be competitive and frustrating due to the intense long working hours. If you are only interested or are more passionate for purely agriculture, then pursue that. Sometimes high wages can't offset a person's happiness if you hate your job. So you should only do Law if you are 100% concrete for it, or else don't go to law school. It's very expensive and will leave you in high debt.

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