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Paying for College

International Student looking for colleges with good financial aid.

Hey, I'm an International Student and I would like to know about schools which give good financial aid for international students. I already know the Ivies are great options, but I am also looking for options apart from the Ivies, so any suggestions?


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8 months ago

Take a look at this list from College Vine with all the colleges in the US that will meet 100% of your financial need. https://blog.collegevine.com/schools-that-meet-100-percent-financial-need/

If you get accepted, they will give you all the financial aid you need. However, they also tend to be very hard to get into because of this. I did look through these and I remember Thomas Aquinas college was one that was actually pretty easy to get into. There might be a couple more. Using College Board will tell you the acceptance rates.

Also using College Board, you can see what colleges meet 80% or more financial need, and then apply to additional scholarships either within or outside the college or try to negotiate with them.

College of the Ozarks and Berea College are work colleges that will let you graduate without loans as long as you work for them throughout your time there.

You would be surprised, but being an international student doesn't change a whole lot for financial aid. Some colleges even offer special scholarship for international students if you submit an additional application.


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