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Paying for College

What is the purpose of tuition? What is the benefits an disadvantages of paying tuition?

My name is Ariyanna and I am a freshman. In three years I'll be going into college and I've been doing some college research to see what college I can get accepted into, which colleges are a reach, and which colleges are a target. The tuition for some of these colleges are expensive and I was just wondering what the purpose of tuition is for college and what are some advantages, if there is any, and disadvantages of paying tuition.

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OK, thank you very much

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1. What is a reach depends on your academic record. For example my current GPA as a junior is 3.76 making most ivy league schools reach schools for me and semi-selective to selective non ivys hard or regular targets.

2. Tuition, honestly depends so you will need to really think about if the ticket price is worth it to you. Firstly I would like to add that the price that shows up on their websites is only an estimate so for you it could be less or even more. Private schools are usually the most expensive, that being said they also usually have more money available for financial aid and scholarships. So in reality you would end up paying less out of pocket.

The advantages I would say varies. Using myself as an example again most of the schools i'm applying to are private liberal arts schools. They are more expensive but in the long run stats say that people with a liberal arts education will earn more money. (I don't know why but most liberal arts schools I've seen are all private) Thinking logically large schools require more money to run simply by the size of the campus and its amenities. The liberal art schools I've seen are all on the smaller side but instead of having a huge football field the advantages are put into other things. They usually have more opportunities for 1 on 1 research or learning that can get pricey. One even has a ski cabin for students. It is up to you to look into what the school does with the money they earn and decide if you think it is worth it.

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Hello! This is a great question -- tuition can seem and (be!) expensive, and lots of people have to navigate how they'll afford college.

I don't want to repeat what others have already stated, but I'll try to be comprehensive.

When you pay tuition, it gets used to cover the costs of your education -- including educational materials (e.g. libraries), professors' salaries, guest speakers, and on-campus services (e.g. security, shuttle systems, etc.). You may also be asked to pay room and board (which covers your dorm room and your meal plan), activities fees (which go towards supporting student organizations), materials fees (often for art or lab supplies), health insurance fees, or other costs as well. In some cases, many of these fees (e.g. health insurance, activities, and materials, especially) are optional, but in other situations they are included in the tuition cost.

Tuition can vary school to school with private schools tending to be more expensive than public schools (especially in-state public schools), but as others have noted, private schools tend to have more comprehensive financial aid packages. Different schools will also have different opportunities (in terms of research, internships, etc.), so be sure to figure out what your priorities are when considering whether a school's tuition is "worth it" to you. Best of luck in the rest of the college process!

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