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Stamps Scholarship

What are the steps I should take to have the best chance at gaining a Stamps Scholarship? I am a junior in high-school and I am hoping to attend LSU for a double major in biology and geology. Finance is the largest issue I face, so I want to increase my chances of getting a scholarship.

If you know of some, what are other good scholarships for me to look at?

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When you're applying to any college, all scholarships should be in your consideration, no matter how small they are. Search online or get an account for a scholarship website. Good luck!

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Hi there @WillowHoffpauir,

It's a good idea to start looking for scholarships as early as possible in the college admissions process. This will ensure you're prepared with adequate time to give yourself the most opportunities possible for gaining the financial support you need for school.

To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you should look beyond the ones that are raffle-style entry or quick apply. These will have a lot of applicants with little to differentiate candidates, and winning one is essentially random. You want to apply to scholarships that you have a better chance of getting. One way to do this is by applying to scholarships that are specifically for applicants like you. Think about your intersecting identities and look for opportunities that match up. There are scholarships for specific ethnicities/genders/sexualities, locations (i.e. state/city/region/high school), extracurriculars (i.e. MUN students, women in STEM), and more. You can also look for scholarships around your future, such as those for prospective biology/geology majors and those that are career-oriented.

For the Stamps Scholarship in particular, I'd look up the requirements and make sure you meet the minimums. I'd also scour the profiles of past recipients if those are publicly available so you can make sure your application is on par and/or gain inspiration for improving it.


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