8 months ago
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How many Pre-college Program should I do during the Summer?

I got accepted into multiple pre-college programs. Here are the programs that I got accepted into:

Brown Pre-College Program-virtual asynchronous

College Readiness Scholar's Institute@ University of Delaware-on campus

I really want to do both programs but I have two other programs that I am doing this summer

I have the SEAP(Science Engineering Apprenticeship Program) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Unions) . What should I do?


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8 months ago

If you're interested in doing pre-college programs to enrich your application, you can choose multiple online ones and do all of them, from the comfort of your home and computer! If you're interested in experiencing the actual college experience, being on campus, and whatnot, you should do the Delaware once, since that would mean you get to meet and see people.

SEAP and ACLU both seem quite prestigious and really great! If they're also online you should definitely keep them as a higher priority.

8 months ago

Congrats on your acceptances! It would be difficult for me to give a perfect response because you and I have different priorities so Im just gonna walk you through what I would do.

Its all about which program better suits your wants and needs. While the Brown program may have that prestigious name Delaware offers an on campus experience which from my standpoint would be much more enriching. Research both programs extensively and try to reach out to people who have done both to hear about personal experiences. Personally I would go with the on campus option so I can have a deeper dive of what college life is like and I have a hard time networking over zoom. While you are doing these programs for opportunity and experience remember they should also be fun! Don't overload yourself and good luck!


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