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What are the best colleges that I should apply to in order from 1-5?

I have a lot of colleges that I am interested in as a high school freshmen. The problem is I don't know what colleges are best fit for me. Here are some of the colleges that I am considering applying to:

New York University

Auburn University

Grinnell College

Swarthemore College

Carleton College


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10 months ago[edited]

Hey! Since you're a freshman, I wouldn't stress figuring out what college is right for you yet. After all, you just started high school, and your interests and ideals are going to change ALOT over the next couple of years. Going and visiting colleges later on is key to finding what's suitable for you, so for right now, I would focus on getting good grades and getting involved with things so you have options for yourself in the future. Regardless, if you want a 1-5 out of those schools on that list, here's what I personally think (overall school-wise, not accounting for any monetary or major biases) plus some high points for all these schools. All 5 schools you listed are excellent and very prestigious, so don't take whoever I put at #5 as a bad school.

1. Carleton College - One of the best small and one of the best liberal arts colleges in the US, no application fee, which is super nice.

2. Swarthmore College - Super diverse school, also one of the best small and best liberal arts colleges in the US.

3. New York University - Awesome location, one of the best schools for performing arts, film, and photography.

4. Grinnell College - Probably the best college in Iowa, no application fee, which is cool, also one of the best small and best liberal arts colleges in America

5. Auburn University - Amazing student body, great athletic programs, spectacular agricultural science programs.

I hope this helps; good luck with your search!!


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