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What School Should I take to be a Marriage Counselor.

I do not know what I am supposed to major in to be a Marriage Counselor, but I want to be one to help people. Does anyone know what school to take to be a Marriage Counselor and what to major in.

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7 months ago

When it comes to your undergraduate bachelor's degree, I believe a major in either psychology or social work would work if you're planning to become a Marriage Counselor. I'm not sure if there are many universities with majors specific to marriage or family counseling at the undergraduate level, but it may be possible to find a major in counseling or a university with a pre-professional program that prepares you to become a counselor. After undergrad, you would then want to apply to a master's program that is specific in Marriage Counseling, such as at Pepperdine, Syracuse, Purdue, or even a local state school that might have a master's program in that. The most important part to careers in counseling is the experience part where you obtain hours practicing until you can become licensed, and you could even choose to get a doctorate after that. Hope this helps!


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