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forensic science major

does anybody know of any schools that have great forensic science programs but are smaller schools? bc i wanna go to a school with <10,000 students for financial and personal reasons. also if y'all any extracurricular activities i could do (i live in atlanta, ga) to demonstrate interest in environmental or forensic science. |environmental science is my backup major :)|


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Fayetteville State University

Miami University of Middletown

West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Utah Valley University

Savannah State University

Eastern New Mexico University

Southern University at New Orleans

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The University of Central Oklahoma

Fairmont State University

Extracurricular activities you could do:

1. Volunteer for a Local Nonprofit -environmental science tends to be an area where volunteer opportunities abound. If you can’t find something that suits your interests or that works for your schedule, you could always start your own volunteer project as a personal mission or with a group of interested peers.

2. Enroll in a Summer Program or College Classes - If you have time to pursue this particular extracurricular during the summer months, you’ll find that you have even more opportunities available to you. Many programs offer summer environmental classes along with extensive labs and hands-on fieldwork.

3. Self-Study for the Environmental Science AP Exam - If your school offers the Environmental Science AP course, you should definitely take it to affirm your interest in the subject matter. If, however, the course is not offered at your school, you may still take the AP exam as a self-study test. The Environmental Science AP is one of the AP exams most commonly taken as a self-study. Its heavy emphasis on vocabulary and highly specific theory.

4. Shadow a Professional- Shadowing a professional in the field of environmental science or forensic science is a smart idea for several different reasons. First, by doing so you’ll gain important insight and firsthand experience in what they actually do on a daily basis. Next, you’ll demonstrate that you take your interest in environmental science or forensic science seriously enough to devote time and energy to pursuing it away from school.

you might consider joining the Science National Honor Society, which recognizes achievement in challenging science courses.

Might be interested in joining Interest based clubs. Depending on what you intend to study, joining one or more of these can help you explore your interests in a more structured way.

Research Different Extracurricular Options to see if these activities are available at your high school or in your community. If there is something you are very passionate about that's not already offered, consider starting up a group of your own.

Hope this helps

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University of New Haven in CT. Recommend any leadership positions you can run for and volunteer opportunities available to you.

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The University of Tennessee Knoxville has an excellent forensic science program. They have what they call "the body farm" where real cadavers are donated and used to practice crime scene analysis and forensic collection and experimentation. They also have a forensic psychology major if you're interested in the psychological aspect. It is larger than what you said you were looking for, but I assure you it's one of the best. They're also really good at offering athletic scholarships if that applies to you! As for extra-curricular, the FBI has a youth program for high school students 16 and under. If you qualify you should get a teacher to recommend you for it. Remember to advocate for yourself and show strong interest in a school in order to up your chances of being accepted.


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