6 months ago
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What should I do to really stand out at Liberty University?

I really want to get in to Liberty University. My academics are good, I'm just not sure if everything else would be good enough to stand out and get accepted into the school.

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6 months ago

Find something that you are passionate about and join clubs, committees, councils, etc. that revolve around that passion(s). It's even more impressive if you have multiple interests and find a connection between them. Don't worry if your uncertain of your interests or passions, as long as you can show that you are exploring potential interests by joining a variety of diverse extracurriculars, you should be fine. Also, work on your writing, as essays are increasing their weight in the application process due to optional test scores.


6 months ago

Try doing a passion project. There is information on the internet about how to do them, and they showcase a lot of skills. Essentially, it is a project based on something you are passionate about that helps your community.


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