9 months ago
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Best for comp sci major?

I wanted to know which of these universities is overall better for computer science, considering student life, campus, academics, financials, etc.

UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon
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9 months ago

if we look at the world rating for 2021 Stanford ranks a solid #2 in computer science closely followed by cmu at #3. for more info- https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/university-subject-rankings/2021/computer-science-information-systems

hope this helped.


9 months ago[edited]

Both Stanford and Berkeley are really good options! A lot of people do not realize that Berkeley is consistently number 1 or near the top of the rankings for computer science and financially, it is more affordable if you are in state. It is also a really good bet especially since you are near silicon valley so you will have access to lots of opportunities, making it a bit more practical. However, Stanford has a strong brand name and if you are not in state, Stanford would be the best option. Hope this helps :)

🎤9 months ago

thanks! it really helped.


9 months ago

Stop it with these rankings! All of these schools are the best in the world for computer science, and you will be more than happy at all of these schools. I don't think one is outright better than the others

🎤9 months ago

I'm sorry but I really wanted to know which one is best as I can't apply to all of them, thus the rankings.


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