9 months ago
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Does NYU Have a Campus Feel?

I'm interested in NYU but haven't been able to tour it because of COVID. However, I want a campus that is enclosed and coherent (looking for a "campus feel" vs. a school like Boston University). But I heard that it has a park nearby that makes it feel like a campus and I'm not sure if that is true.

Can someone who has been to NYU answer: Does NYU have a campus feel or not?

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9 months ago

Definitely not tbh. It is super cool though, so it depends on what you like. Try using google street view to look around.


8 months ago

I heard many people saying NYU's campus is a part of New York. There are not really any exact borders around the university (not enclosed). It is very interconnected with the city. I recommend watching videos on youtube about NYU students' "a day in life".


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