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Hello y'all!

I'm kinda confused as to where to start in building a strong and unique/diverse profile for colleges (preferably Ivy leagues or other top public universities). Do you have any advice as to what types of activities should I do (not like chancing, just a general idea)? (If this helps, I want to major in a STEM field.)

Also, does anyone know of some great places to volunteer?


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So you should always remember almost all colleges look at a HOLISTIC review.

At this point you have 2 things to look at, academics and not academics

I can't really give you advice for academics, but seeing your goal schools, you definitely want a 4.0 gpa (unweighted) to make you competitive (basically no Bs in high school) and beyond that rigorous classes and standardized test scores

Ok now we go to non academic

Some things I recommended include a unique thing, or something less common that you do consistently over high school. By unique I don't mean no one else does it, but rather it helps you stand out versus the "general", such as awards in pencil art.

Next, you always want activites that have meaning and can be elaborated on in your essays, recommendation letters, and application, that show how you have grown

Volunteering wise, once again do something meaningful, and TAKE INITIATIVE. Find something you are interested in and start something, maybe a service club, a chapter of an existing organization, or you could tutor other younger kids for free.

This way what you did is related to you and has more value than saying "I was a member"

Specific places to volunteer is hard to suggest, so just browse for local or city opportunities, or local places and call them up (like an old age home) and just talk. Initiative is KEY

Goodluck, let me know you need anything else

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I may have not been the one that asked the question, but I totally needed to hear that. Thank you very much.

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Glad to help


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Same thought


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