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Which universities should I apply to for MBA with mediocre GPA and no work experience abroad?

m currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science engineering from an accredited university in India. My current GPA is 6.9 which should hit 7( out of 10) in my last year. I did a lot of extra curricular activities like leading a team of students in various events, being an event manager of one of the top technical clubs, being head of sponsorships in various events throughout the year.

I'm planning on taking the GMAT and TOEFL(iBT) and should get around 700 and 90+ respectively. I'm interested in pursuing MBA from any country like Finland, US, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands.

The thing I'm most worried about is not having work experience as I want to do an MBA right after my bachelor's. I do have internship experience with 3 different companies in marketing fields, but I don't know whether that would be enough as most universities require work experience.

My budget is somewhere in the middle between 25-35 Lakh INR/yr (35-40k USD).

I'm really worried that no work experience combined with mediocre grades won't allow me to pursue MBA from any of those above countries. Any help is appreciated.

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While it's not ideal, you should still be able to be accepted somewhere without work experience. But, it might depend on the school you're applying to. The more prestigious schools may want to see work experience on your resume so you may need to find a job before and work there for a bit before you apply. You do have 3 internships which can help compensate for the lack of work experience (since it is basically work). It's going to be easier to suggest schools for you once you actually receive your GMAT and TOEFL scores, especially because you are considering applying to colleges in 6 different countries.

Don't forget you're also going to need to apply for a visa if you plan on studying in the US which can be a whole process itself. You should have options when it comes time to apply but if you're shooting for some of the best business schools it will probably be better to get work experience under your belt to help compensate for your grades. The fact that you can afford to pay for 35-40k a year should also help out a bit since schools won't have to worry about your ability to pay.


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