2 months ago
School List Suggestions

I need help on deciding which colleges to apply too because i am applying test optional.

I am a high school senior (Class of '22)

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@Texas_Student2 months ago

What types of colleges are you interested in (public/private, religious affiliation, size, location, etc.)?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@TaleahTraylor2 months ago

I am interested in public schools

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2 months ago

I am also applying as test-optional and I have found that almost every University in California is accepting test-optional applications. For example, I believe the entire UC system is and will be test blind until 2025. If you are not looking for colleges in California, I would suggest looking at news articles and websites on what universities are going to be test blind for the year that you are applying in.

2 months ago

Hi there! Some schools have decided to remain test-optional because of Covid! Other's may have even extended their time for 2022 applicants! I suggest you look at the website of a college, and go to admissions, and check out the freshmen apply page!


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