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My SAT Score is 1540 and my ACT Score is 34 but I have a not that great GPA(3.34) and have a very few extra curricular activities in my profile. What are the chances of me getting into the below schools? Thanks

Georgia Tech
George Town
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It really depends on how and why you have that GPA. For example, suppose all four years you had similar grades (based on your GPA, I'm guessing mostly B's with a couple of A's... Which is GREAT!). In that case, that means your GPA calculation is solid, based on your intellectual capacity. However, if you had a bad freshman/sophomore year and really picked up your grades your last two years, you show colleges that you have a unique "comeback" ability, and it's honestly like a boost. Also, if you went through rough times emotionally and/or psychologically during one of your four years due to an unwanted event (like a loss or a traumatizing experience) causing your grades to plummet, but the following years you picked up your grades. Then, you will want to explain that to the college in an essay, but make sure that you show them (through your writing) that that experience taught you how to get back up and DON'T victimize yourself.

I'm just supposing that you had one or maybe even two bad years academically since you have a really good SAT score.

So what I'm trying to say with all this is...

You can apply and have a decent chance of being accepted into these colleges especially IF something like what I mentioned, happened.


3 months ago

If you want to know your chances, use CollegeVines chancing. This chancing simulator will show you a %. This % rate will determine your chances of getting in. For example, I looked at my chances for UT Austin. The overall acceptance rate is 39%, my chances of getting in are 15%, making this a Reach school.

Using this chancing simulator is best for you. Simply enter your scores, GPA, grades, and extracurriculars to get results.


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