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Where should I apply for early decission 1.

I am a gap year student, passed my class 12 in 2020. I am applying for the US this fall. I have done two prestigious cybersecurity certification courses from EC Council University (USA), CE|H, and C|HFI. I believe that I have pretty strong extra-circulars. Check my LinkedIn for these: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prasan-singh-13ba15198/. Other than this, when I am away from my computer ( a rare sight), I read, play Table Tennis and Badminton, go for long for short tours with my friends ( mostly on bikes). I am interested in CS, engineering, physics, and literature; I also do photography. I scored seven bands in my IELTS test(planning to retake them. They will be effective for ed 2 and rd.). I am facing a problem with my high school academics, as they are quite low, and I missed my SAT (November due to medical conditions). So please guide me some good colleges where I can apply for ed1.

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You should plug your profile into the CollegeVine chancing engine and look at the schools withtin your target range (or reach if you think you have a good chance and you really like the school. Once you’ve identified a few that you’re interested in, research them very thoroughly and talk to people from those colleges until you figure out one that you (1) really love and want to go to & (2) have a reasonable chance of getting in. Hope this helped!


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I know this is late, but also make sure that you really really really want to go to a specific college if you're applying ED, because you can't really back out of it. ED means if you get in, you legally have to go, unless you literally cannot pay, but that's uncommon. Apply EA (early action) if you want to show that you care about the college, but it allows you to change your mind.


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I believe the school that has a good program for Engineering and Photography is RIT. Rochester Institute of Technology has excellent photography and Engineering programs. From what I researched, RIT ranked #56 place for undergraduate Engineering programs in all the Engineering Doctorate schools. RIT has a 71% rate for admission, and they are test-optional.

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Yeah, that's correct but it is expensive too. And I am an international student so budget is a factor too.


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