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I've an unweighted GPA of 4 with a good social profile but with no academic distinction.Which schools should I apply to?

Hi, I've maintained good scores all my high school years. Also, I've actively participated in many extracurriculars and some social clubs. However, I lack scholastic distinctions and awards. Moreover, I have made some projects and written a research paper that is published.

I want to pursue my undergraduate in mechanical and automation engineering or computer science.

Can anyone please suggest some reach, hard target, target, and safety schools for me?

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Hi @Kritismd124,

I agree with @ezra here and also recommend you check out our School Search function, where you can filter for your preferences. To determine reach, target, etc., you'll want to use our chancing engine after finding schools.

Hope this helps!

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Hi! Although scholastic distinctions & academic awards are good, don't overthink them. Showing schools that you're putting a lot of effort in through your great GPA and extracurriculars as well as the clubs, projects and the research paper (which is great) all make you a great candidate for the top schools in the country. Obviously there's no way to tell you exactly what schools are the best, but you probably have a good shot at the top rated schools in the country as reaches if you want. For target schools, UT Austin is a good one and really well rated in engineering and things like that. For safeties, look at public state schools and such.


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