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I am sure of a college I want to go to and I am going to apply next year, but I was wondering what schools anyone would recommend applying to for safetys or targets that have strong biology/genetics majors. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! I am a senior and I just finished my college application process! I too am applying as a biology major. I did a lot of research before applying and this was the list I came up with. (These schools are only in states that I would want to live in, so this list doesn't really sum up the entire US very well) Also, I am applying for Pre-Dental so some of these schools are because of that.

I included the acceptance rate

Boston Uni - 22%

Case Western - 29%

Colorado State Uni - 84%

Drexel Uni - 77%

Lehigh Uni - 22%

North Carolina State Uni - 47%

Rutgers Uni - 60%

Temple Uni - 59%

Uni of Colorado Boulder - 82%

Uni of Colorado Denver - 64%

Uni of Connecticut - 49%

Uni of Delaware - 66%

Uni of Maryland - 47%

Uni of Utah - 67%

Uni of Virginia - 26%

Uni of Washington - 49%

Wake Forest Uni - 29%

Hope this helped! If you need any more advice lmk!

Good luck with applying!!


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Hi there! UNC Ashville is one of my safety schools for biology. UNC Ashville has a great biology program (I am not sure about genetics specifically). The acceptance rate is about 80%. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! I will look into it!


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Hi, thank you for asking your question! I would recommend checking out our school list tool and use the major filter (unfortunately, we don't have a genetics filter, but using "molecular biology" or "cellular biology" should suffice) + admissions difficulty filter (select safety and target). You can also add other filter filters to narrow your school list to find ones that are the best fit for you! As a note, I would also recommend completing your admissions profile on your CollegeVine account so you can see your personalized chances to the schools you want to apply for using our Chancing Engine tool.


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