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Hello, i'm currently an 8th grade (class of 2024), and I'm going to be a freshman in high school next year.

I registered for courses, a little while ago, and I wanted to know if these classes would look good on college applications:

English 1 (honors) - required 9th grade course

Freshman Writing - required 9th grade course.

Pre-Calculus (10th to 11th grade course)

AP Macro (A 10th grade course at my school, guidance counselor approved it, because of my credentials).

Biology honors

Chemistry Honors

AP World (most people take it as a freshman, you can take this or world studies).

How does this look so far? Let me know, with tips as well!

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@sf-er4 years ago

Good for you to already be thinking about all this as a freshman.

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4 years ago

Honestly, your courses look pretty good. Be sure that as a freshman you are sure you are completely comfortable with everything that you are taking, because the biggest thing I have seen over the years is problems when people take an overwhelming number of challenging courses especially in areas that they have absolutely no interest in. If you are completely comfortable with them as courses, then honestly they look really strong and you seem to be on the right track in terms of college. It is good that you are thinking about it this early in the process.

4 years ago

Yes, as a freshman those classes look pretty strong. Definitely think about what @nlwhite said about being comfortable in your classes. You've already got some difficult ones lined up so pay attention to your stress levels, the work load, etc. Taking challenging classes is only helpful if you have the grades to show you can handle them. Try to think of your freshman year as a trail run for later. Most colleges don't typically care a whole lot about your freshman year so while you should obviously try to get the best grades possible it will be ok if you don't.

4 years ago

All of this is good but keep in mind that by senior year you should try taking electives that pertain to college major for me its community planning so im taking a non ap civil engineering class but its great for AP and graduation requirements

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