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β€’ 04/01/2020 at 02:13AM

What do I do if I haven't taken any SATs yet?

Evidently, the coronavirus has canceled many, MANY opportunities for me to take the SAT. My plan was to take it in May and in June, as I have been studying these past three months. I didn't feel prepared earlier on in the school year and with my workload, I just had no time. I am really worried about my SAT score since it hasn't been that great in my mocks and PSATs. I would really appreciate SAT tips to boost my score in the reading and grammar sections, which is where my score is struggling. Thanks :)

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β€’ 04/01/2020 at 04:13AM

I think that the College Board as well as numerous colleges across the country will understand how our current situation holds us back in many ways, whether that is through extracurricular activities or the SAT. Given that changes have been made to AP exams this year, I have a feeling that changes might also be made on the SAT depending on certain colleges. I think I read somewhere that some universities in Oregon are becoming test-optional.

The biggest piece of advice I could give you is: don't stress.

Updated test dates and make-ups are likely to appear in order to give equal opportunity to all students. No college should be able to punish any of their applicants for not being able to take the SAT given the severity of a pandemic. There are students all over the country that have the same concerns as you and I'm certain that it will resolve. The College Board will have to acknowledge that cancelled test dates and a lack of future test dates is causing large amounts of people to not be able to take the exam. There will definitely be overcrowding as a result of that, so I am pretty sure they will address all our concerns.

As long as you continue to prepare and strengthen your abilities, you can fuel that fear of the unknown into performing well for the SAT, whenever it might be.

Personally, I found that with writing I struggled and one day it sort of "clicked". I would probably attribute that to taking AP Language and Composition. My recommendations for that would be: read and write a LOT, expose yourself to many different articles (beyond news on the coronavirus), and focus on strengthening your understanding of grammar. My weakest section is reading, so I totally understand that one. The ways I have been preparing for the SAT include: PrepScholar and Khan Academy (just recently). I have also been recommended by others to read the SAT Black Book. The best thing you can do is consistently practice with practice questions and arrange practice tests as you see fit.

I hope this helps! Try not to worry too much. You will definitely have the chance to take the exam, probably more than once if you would like. Best of luck!

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@DebaterMAX04/01/2020 at 03:50PM

Id like to add you may see colleges go test optional this year I know UOregon did this already