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AP Chemistry or AP Physics

As a preface, I am currently a junior and I'm currently taking 4 APs, I'd like to major in psychology with a pre-med track. So far for my senior year I'd like to take AP Lit, AP Stats, AP Macro/Gov, and my health academy class. I can only have 5 periods next year due to my health academy class (takes up 3 periods) and my guidance counselor advised that I take a science course next year too. My options are AP Chemistry and AP Physics 1. At my school we have one teacher for AP chem and another teacher for AP physics, I've heard really good things about both teachers so I'm not worried about that. I got an A in chemistry honors but I don't remember much from that class. I'd like to challenge myself next year so that's why I'm even considering taking AP physics, although, I struggle in math I've heard that AP physics 1 is algebra based and algebra happens to be the only math I actually enjoy doing. If anyone has taken either of these classes PLEASE help, I need advice. Thanks!


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10 months ago

I've taken AP chemistry and am currently taking AP Physics C (the calculus-based ap physics). AP chemistry was hard, but it set up a really good foundation for if I wanted to go into something related to chemistry or pre-med. I find AP physics to be very very difficult (partially because it's physics C, I know physics 1 is much easier). Since you want to major in psychology with a pre-med track, I would recommend that you take AP chemistry. If you take the AP exam, you might be able to take that credit for your college intro chemistry course, but even if you can't, it would be very helpful for introducing you to complex chemistry topics that you'll see throughout your psychology and medical studies. It can also help show colleges that you're really interested in your planned major because you're taking classes related to it.


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