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What is the correct time to give SAT exams ?

So I want to know that what is the correct time to give SAT exams like in starting of class 12( in April or afterwards in ( September) ?


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8 months ago

In the United States, many students who are trying to get into the best colleges and universities start preparing for their PSAT/SAT exams in 10th grade. The PSAT is given around the 2nd week of October each year. Some schools have the 8th/9th version and 10th-grade version but the main one is given in 11th grade. Coinciding with the PSAT, many students sign up for the actual SAT test before the PSAT in the Summer before 11th Grade like August, and then take it a 2nd or 3rd time during the Fall or Spring of 11th grade. Very small numbers of students wait to take their first SAT in 12th Grade.

Since the SAT is quite difficult to master, it's best not to wait until 12th grade because you will not have enough time to get your results back and take it a 2nd or 3rd time. Most students need to take it 2 times minimum to see improvement in their scores. Often a 3rd attempt is necessary if you are not satisfied with your score and want to get to your goal score which for many is 1500+ if they are applying to the Top 25 schools.

Keep in mind that all Standardized Tests are optional components of the application file so you don't need them. They only help you if you have a very good score.

Hope that is helpful.


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