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I have a 3.76 unweighted GPA right now. How much higher can I get it up by the end of HS?

I’m currently in my junior year of high school, and because of a bit of stumbling my freshman year, I’ve had a lower GPA than I’d like to have. Weighted, as of right now, is a 3.93 and my unweighted is a 3.76. I’m taking 5 IB courses this year, and next year I’ll be taking all 6. I’m alright with a 3.76 for right now, but of course it isn’t ideal and I’d really like to be able to boost it up. I’m doing well in my IB courses right now with full A’s, but my questions are how much will I be able to raise it by the end of this year, and how much will I be able to raise it to by the end of high school? Also, if I’m applying to colleges before the end of my senior year, and colleges accept me in the middle of the year, what happens to my GPA in the last semester (ex. If you bomb the last semester, will that be taken into account by colleges if you’re already accepted)? Thanks!

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Colleges usually take your GPA from the end of your junior year, sometimes the first semester of senior year. If they accept your admission after only seeing your grades through junior year, your attendance may be conditional on whether you do bad in your senior year or not. For example, if you absolutely bomb your second semester of senior year, they might revoke your acceptance. In short, they take what you have and expect you to keep it the same or raise it.


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