11 months ago
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Why are the best LACs chanced as safeties for me with a 3.65 gpa, 1540+ SATs, and superb extracurriculars (white male)?

It seems like I am being chanced higher than I should be, I also had pretty difficult courses, and I go to a very good school. I'm also getting chanced at reach for a lot of larger top schools, like Georgetown. Are any of these chances at all realistic? If so, or if not, why?

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11 months ago

Collegevine is pretty accurate in terms of chancing, so be happy that your hard work has paid off and you're going to get into some awesome schools! Keep in mind, however, that colleges do compare you to applicants from your school, so if there are many students at your school that have similar stats, your chances might not be as high. Hope this helps!


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