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Should I reach out and introduce myself to colleges?

I have heard many things when it comes to reaching out to colleges. Some say that you should, and it gives you a better chance of being known before you apply, and some say that its a waste of time and it just annoys the admission officer. Should I reach out, with a question or just telling them about myself? I want to apply to the top colleges in my state. Another thing I wanted to know, should I attach my resume in the email? Thanks.

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4 years ago

So my position on this is you can talk to admission officers or just the department and get a feel for their program without visiting them. I had a zoom call with a public flagship university and helped me to cement myself that im interested in applying there when the time comes. In my mind its an informal discusion and not an interview if youre rude that doesnt help you but at the same time if you leave a great impression on them they might be a great resourse for that college's information. It might not help you with admission but could make you try harder at the application just becuase of how much you love that school and that boost admission chance. As for the resume id say no but you can ask questions about admission like what is average highschool gpa that gets admitted etc

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