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What are possible major for an inventor inventing things to help the human body and cars and robots, etc.

My top 3 colleges on my college list are MIT, Stanford, and Caltech. So I just want to be prepared with a major to present. I also want to do a double degree.

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8 months ago

It sounds like you're interested in going into an engineering field. There is no specific major that you have to study to be able to invent and design machines, but mechanical engineering is a good one to cover engineering basics, like cars and robotics. You can also choose to take specific classes within mechanical engineering that are related to biomedical engineering (or do a minor in it) to learn more about the human body and how engineering connects to it (the "inventing things to help the human body" aspect of your career goals). I don't believe people often do a double major within two different engineering degrees, but you might also be interested in also majoring in computer science. Being able to code and program is really important now, especially to big tech companies, and it can set you ahead of other engineers. Taking computer science courses would also allow you to better understand robotics and things like autonomous cars that will be big in the future. It's completely your choice on what to major in, but mechanical engineering or computer science are two possibilities. I suggest looking into the specialized programs those colleges offer and identifying ones you find interesting, as those can also help shape your degree and career goals more.

4 months ago

Hey! I think you're searching for Industrial Design major. Look it up, unlike mechanical engineering, it doesn't go into too much sience behind mechanisms (fixtures, math behind resistance, stress etc), afaik, however deals with mechanisms, inventions, human body, ergonomics, how things work and operate etc. You basically design devices and inventions for comfort of people, including helping human body with medical issues. It may differ according to the university tho so you should look it all up. I hope it helps :")


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