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What level of distinction are these awards?


For an application I am submitting, it asks for the level of distinction for my awards. What level would that be for AP Scholar?

Additionally, I participated in a competition through RoundPier and became a finalist so what distinction would that be? There were international students competing, but it was a competition run by RoundPier so I'm hesitant to choose the level to be international.

Thank you for the help!


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8 months ago

Hey @HermioneG, great questions! For AP Scholar you can consider it a national level distinction.

Do you have more information on the RoundPier competition? I'm just curious what you needed to do for it, how many people participated in it, the criteria for being accepted into the competition, how many people were finalists, etc. I definitely understand the hesitation about considering that an international competition, it seems off to consider it that but I don't think I could explain why if I'm being honest. Technically you did participate, and were a finalist, in a competition that had international students competing so it's not like you are lying if you put it on your application. I think how you describe it depends a bit on the details of the competition.

If you're worried calling it an international competition makes it sound too "much," you could always try to frame it in a way which makes it clear that international students participated but it was a smaller competition. You'll probably want something more elegant but something with the gist of "Participated in, and was nominated as a finalist, for an international online competition hosted by RoundPier." As I mentioned, you'll want to make that sound a lot better but I think it gets the point across for admission officers.


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