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AP classes?

Hi, I'm from Colombia and in my country they don't give AP classes, so I want to know what courses or classes you recommend me to take to have more opportunities to enter MIT or Harvard.

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10 months ago

Hi there! You are from Colombia - that is really cool! I recommend that you take the SAT's if they are available within your country. If not, then i recommend that you take the IB's instead. But the key here is to email the international admissions officer for MIT or Harvard and ask them if it is possible for you to go test optional. Some colleges, due to Covid -19 have stated that they are continuing their TEST OPTIONAL protocol for the next round of admissions. So, if you ultimately decide not to do the SAT or IB's then make sure that your high school transcript is adequate. In addition to this reach out to college professors and try to 'land' a remote internship. Also DEMONSTRATE INTEREST and reach out to admissions officers and schedule an interview. I hope this was helpful!


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