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How Do I Classify The Harvard Medical Congress On My Profile?

I'm not sure how to classify it here or on my normal applications, but my chancing profile is particularly confusing. It was paid, but also invite only and very selective (one person per state).

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10 months ago

Are you referring to Congress of Future Medical Leaders or something else? If it's something else do you mind providing a link to the program so I can look into it more?

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Yes, that was what I meant.

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3 months ago

I'm a college student who was selected for the medical congress through a national honors society. I didn't pay a dime to attend and I had to show my transcript as proof that my GPA was above 3.5. I'm currently in nursing school and looking to use my experience as a delegate for admission for my doctorate.

I'm sure sure how they were in past years. But they recently opened this for college students.


This legit but watch out for scam imitating this honors program.

10 months ago

I am sorry to break it to you, but the Congress of Future Medical Leaders is not a stand out factor for college admissions. This program is a "cash cow," and it accepts anyone who is willing to pay the money. This program is not very selective and many participants have stated that it is just a junk organization. Being nominated is just another example of a marketing ploy. Putting this on your college application or resume may make colleges think that you are naïve for falling for this scam.

But these types of programs ARE scams because they falsely suggest that the student has been chosen because of some special abilities and that attendance will be a plus in college admissions and career. The owners of these companies prey on the egos and desperation of students and their parents, and they make a boatload of money doing so. A student considering entering the medical field can listen to tons of interesting lectures for free at Ted.com, shadow a local practitioner, volunteer at a hospital or even train as an EMT, all better uses of time than some silly "congress".

10 months ago

I would say either

Non art competitions tier C because it is competitive


Honor Societies tier B because it is kind of similar to the description


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