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What counts as an Alumni?

My dad went to a university through an educational program after he had finished his degree from another university for 1-2 semesters, but never went through the degree seeking program. Would he count as an alumni? And would that give me an advantage in that particular university (an Ivy). Answers vary throughout the internet and college vine helps with my questions. Thank you in advance!


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9 months ago

Your father would not be considered alumni unless he conferred a degree.

In my family, my grandfather left USC MBA program 6 credits shy, and he is not an alumnus.

And my dad left CMU Masters shy of conferring an MSCF and he is not an official alumnus either.

Sometimes it's better to venture on your own and get into a school on your own steam.

I didn't even apply to either school and picked my own list based on what the best fit was.

And it worked out.

Good Luck with your college admissions process.


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