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Is my class rank above average, decent or below average?

As I was applying to a program, I was asked for my class rank. I found out that I was 98/540. Is my class rank above average, decent or below average? Does my class rank matter? How important is it?

Please leave honest feedback, any responses will be greatly appreciated.

@LUCIA8 months ago [edited]

I think it may be good enough.

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8 months ago

You are in the top 18% of your class, like @LUCIA said. If you go to a top private high school, this is ok. A competitive public high school, this is ok. If your high school is not competitive, this is somewhat weak for class rank. Although it is becoming much less important in admissions, if your school still has it, it is very important for you to be even higher.

8 months ago

You are actually the top 81.85% of your class and the way to check that is to take your class rank and divide that by the number of students in your class then multiply that by 100 then subtract that number from 100. Colleges use your class rank to put your GPA into perspective and judging by your class rank I would guess that you have a pretty good GPA.


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