8 months ago
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Should I include my SAT score on my resume for an internship?

I'm a junior in high school right now, and I am applying to a high school internship program with a professional company. Should I include my SAT and PSAT score on my resume? I got a 1560 cumulative on the SAT and a 1490 cumulative on the PSAT.


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8 months ago

I believe that you should add in the SAT score, I'm not too sure about the PSAT.

It's always good to put the SAT score down as it makes the resume look better, normally people would suggest for you to add in as many good achievements as possible since it helps to give you a higher chance of being accepted for the internship.

I have just done some research and people suggest not putting it down unless it is asked for or if you have a cumulative score above 1500 - which you do.


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