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Students who were accepted into prestigious colleges- what did you do and what were your extracurriculars?

If you were accepted in elite/prestigious schools, can you please let me know what you did for extracurriculars and big achievements. What did you do that made you standout? And what is your major? Any information is appreciated. I am just trying to get a sense of where I need to be. Also, what did you do for your freshman year of high school?


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Columbia U. Class of 25' (ED) - Pol.Sci/Gender Studies - US Presidential Scholar Nominee (on-going)

My ECs

-Editor in Chief, Newspaper

-Team Captain, Water Polo, Club Water Polo, Swim Team

-3 years ASB Student Govt

-Co-Chair School Dist. DEI Board, and HS DEI Committee

-City Advisory Board for Parks, Rec.& Nat.Resources,

-Steering Committee City Library,

-HS SITE Council on Curriculum,

-Board Member Anti-racists community org.,

-Student Activist,

-Editor in Chief HS Creative Arts/Writing Journal,

-Editor in Chief Online BIPOC "ZINE",

-Political campaign volunteer for various Congress and Senate candidates

6 college credits, 24 dual enrollment credits,

In 9th grade, I just focused on school, ASB, and the HS Newspaper.

10 months ago

Duke University 2025 ED - Economics


- President and founder of Investment Club

- Captain of Varsity Soccer Team

- Captain of Varsity Tennis Team

- Vice President of Junior Classical League

- Secretary of Model UN

- 4 years of Club Soccer

- Peer Tutoring (Specifically for suspended/disciplined students)

- Boy Scouts

- Part-time job over the summer for 3 years

In 9th grade most of my time was dedicated to sports and I really only did JCL and Boy Scouts as ECs.

10 months ago

I don't know what you consider "prestigious" but I was accepted to UMich Electrical & Computer Engineering which is just outside the Top 20, and is in the top 10 for my major.


- Science Fair Winner at Regional/State Level

- Worked for Warren 2020 and Ossoff 2021 campaigns as field fellow for the former and volunteer for the latter

- County Honor Orchestra Winning Violist

- Academic Decathlon Vice President

- Science Olympiad awards at Regional/State/National Level

10 months ago

Accepted MET Berkeley (IEOR+Business Administration) (likely attending)

Extracurricular Activities:

- ISEF Winner (2019)

- State honor band (oboe)

- President of DECA Club at High School

- took college classes in engineering over a summr


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