10 months ago
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about my chancing profile

hi! I was updating my "chancing profile" and I, on the "How many classes do you plan to complete by the end of senior year (12th grade)?" session, there's a place to complete with college courses taken at a local four-year or community college. I don't live in the US and in my country, there's no such thing, but I have already taken some free online college courses (from Harvard, Yale, etc). So, can I count on these courses?

@Sara_10 months ago [edited]

Hi could you tell me on which platform you did the courses? (I'm not from EE.UU)

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10 months ago

Hi there! You wouldn't count those courses since they won't be on your transcript. Hope this helps!

10 months ago

Hi, I'm not sure about it but I think that you can do it, because if the courses that you did are like the AP classes of EE.U, it's ok.


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