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What is ISSCY?

I heard about ISSCY a while ago but can't find a lot of guides or information about it? Can someone explain it to me further?


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8 months ago

I would suggest looking at their website (http://isscy.com/) it states that the program "is a research competition for high school students around the world, co-hosted and sponsored by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), Youtheca USA, a social platform for students interested in extra-curricular activities, and other global NGO’s. In an effort to promote the study of humanities and social science among secondary students around the world, the ISSCY invites young minds to submit their research paper to a panel of judges for consideration. Students will submit a proposal for the preliminary round and, if selected, will be invited to submit their full papers. After a careful screening by esteemed judges, 80+ young researchers may be given the opportunity to publish their work in the ISSCY’s Online Journal. "

It looks like submissions for this year took place in August 2020. But, you can look in the online journal to see what works have been selected- this may help you get a better idea of what the program is looking for. I hope this helps!


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