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What information should I update my applications with?

I had three recent developments in my life.

1. I got third in LD debate at the State speech and debate tournament. For the past two years I have gotten second--will this look like a downgrade to update with or will it stop them from assuming that I placed worse than I actually did?

2. I qualified for NSDA Nationals in LD for the second year in LD, the third year in general

3. I got diagnosed with ASD Level 1--this does not impact my academics but I'm wondering if it could explain away some of the awkward interviews I've had and make me stand out more. On the other hand, I don't want negative perceptions of autism to impact how competently they think I will perform in a college environment.

Which of these, if any, should I update my college applications with? I have not updated any of my applications this semester with any new information and this would likely be the only update I submit. I am not expecting any more big developments before March. Thank you!

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9 months ago

Hi there! Congrats on your LD debate accomplishments! It's definitely worth updating your applications with these. Getting third vs. second is really not a huge difference when we're talking about being among the very top in the state.

As for your diagnosis, it is up to you as to whether you want to share it. If it hasn't impacted your academics negatively up until this point, there's no reason for colleges to assume it will start to impact your academics negatively. Interviews usually don't matter very much in the application process either, so unless you had a very bad experience, there's no need to mention your diagnosis to try to justify any awkward ones.

I hope this helps, and best of luck!

9 months ago

I would definitely include the first two, as debating shows you can provide a logical analysis supported by evidence and reasoning. As for your ASD diagnosis, that's up to you. I don't think colleges will discriminate against it, but if you feel an interview is going bad, you could mention it. Sorry if this doesn't help much

9 months ago

Congratulations! Debate is really challenging and you are clearly spectacular at it which is quite the accomplishment. Like the other answers say, you should definitely include this.

About your ASD diagnosis, that is a personal decision that only you can make. My sister also is on the spectrum. Initially she was not even supposed to be able to talk. Now she is a successful college freshman. Being open about her diagnosis showed her confidence and (if anything) strengthened her application. If you are comfortable discussing this on your application, then I recommend it.

Good luck in all of your applications and future endeavors!


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