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Would SAT scores be required for someone transferring to college after earning an associate’s degree for transfer?

I will probably go to community college after high school and transfer to a college in the UC or CSU system after earning an associate’s degree for transfer. I know that colleges mainly focus on community college performance for transfers, especially when they have an associate’s degree, but could SAT scores still be a factor?


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6 months ago

Nope! SAT Scores are an aspect of Freshmen Admissions, not Transfer Admissions.

If you are applying to any University of California school, in fact, as long as you maintain a set GPA and take the required classes... You will earn admission as long as you apply. In fact, many say that if you are rejected from an Ivy that you had your heart set on... You should just apply as a Transfer. Transfer Admissions tend to be far less competitive compared to Freshmen admissions, even in some of the Top Schools in the United States.


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