10 months ago
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creating an extracurricular activity

hi! i’ve been working to develop a new extracurricular activity and this one came to my mind: create an instagram or youtube channel to explain the american college process to brazilian students(just like me). but, i’m not sure about which plataform use, which one do you think is better? instagram or youtube?

@ceciliaparreiras10 months ago

hi carla!! im also a brazilian student, and this seems like a great idea! i think you should explain in depth on youtube, and create sort of simplified posts on instagram. (this way you can use both platforms, and grow on both.) some people might like the longer, detailed videos, and other might like the simple, step by step posts that can they tag people.

if you ever need any help with designing posts or thumbnails, or really anything at all, you can email me: cecelivv@gmail.com

obrigada :)

[🎤 AUTHOR]@carlaiasmin10 months ago

obrigada demais pela ajuda! I'll develop it a little bit more and I'll talk to you soon :)

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10 months ago

I completely agree with @carlaiasmin. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you only have to pick one. Many successful social media advertisers and influencers use many social media platforms in order to reach a wider audience. As a result, instead of completely getting rid of Instagram as an option, you can perhaps do something smaller with it, such as posting a daily tip regarding the college admissions process. Then you can link your Youtube channel which would feature more of the in-depth information that maybe the Instagram posts didn't include. This will hopefully increase the growth of your audience. However, this path is not necessary and if you feel like you don't want to manage multiple platforms at once or would rather pour all your efforts into just one, I would still go with Youtube. Just beware, though, that starting out with Youtube can be very difficult since smaller Youtubers are not favored by the Youtube algorithm, thus making it very difficult for your videos to actually come up as recommended for people.

10 months ago

hi carla!

as other people have said, growing a platform on both social medias is ideal. however, if you only want to use one, i would suggest instagram.

here is a quick comparison of the two sites:

instagram is good for q&as, infographics, and bite-sized content. instagram reels are very popular right now, so if you know the popular sounds (usually the same as on tiktok) you can exploit that and hopefully go viral! personally, i have gotten a lot of informational college videos on my instagram explore page, so i think that there is a market for your type of content.

youtube is good for more elaborate content. however, i think it might be harder to grow a platform on, since the algorithm does not favor small creators. if you want to start a youtube channel, make sure you can keep peoples' attention throughout the entire video. if a viewer clicks away from your video, the algorithm will push your channel down and less people will see it.

to succeed on both, you need to be engaging and good at presenting information. it should also be aesthetically pleasing.

good luck!! i think this is a very good idea.

10 months ago

Youtube. You can get more content in.


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